Win Vacation in Paradise

Located on 16 acres of lush terraced land overlooking a private cove, these villas and suites feature contemporary Polynesian decor, and are designed around Bora Bora’s lagoon.

Enjoy breathtaking views from the expansive private terrace, or lounge in comfortable catamaran nets directly above the lagoon in an Overwater Villa.

All rooms feature complimentary Wi-Fi, stocked mini-bar (complimentary first set up), Nespresso coffee machine and tea selection, King bed, and extra large soaking tub.

Closes – 10.7.2023
Winner Annouced – Arround 13.7.2023

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INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. Capitalized terms used and not
defined below have the respective meanings assigned to them in the Official Rules.

1. Winner(s):

One (1) grand prize winner (the “Winner”)

2. Sponsor:

CLOUDNINE CODE s.r.o. (referred to herein as “Sponsor”)

3. Designated Grantee:

African Children´s Fund® (“Designated Grantee”). This Experience is part of a fundraising campaign for African Childens Fund®, which is a globally recognized public charity. 100% of donations raised in this Experience go to African Children’s Fund®, who will then grant the donations, minus experience fees and costs, to the Designated Grantee. For moreinformation, including how much goes to the Designated Grantee(s), the expected timeframes in which the Designated Grantee(s) will receive the grants, and the rare instances when African Children´s Fund® may reassign donations to another nonprofit. All Designated Grantees are pre-validated by African Children´s Fund® to confirm they meet African Children’s Fund´s applicable eligibility requirements to receive grants. So long as the identified Designated Grantee remains eligible to receive grants from African Children’s Fund ®, African Children´s Fund® will distribute grants to Designated Grantee out of the donations raised in this Experience.

4. Deadline to Enter:

This Experience begins April 27, 2023 at 12:00 a.m., Pacific Time, and ends Jul 10, 2023 at 11:59 p.m., Pacific Time (the “Entry Period”).
Sponsor is the official timekeeper.

5. Entry Limit:

The maximum number of entries for any one person into this Experience (the “Entry Limit”) is six thousand (6,000), regardless of the method of entry.

6. Potential Winner Notification:

A random drawing will be conducted on or after close of Entry Period. Winner will be drawn from among all valid entries received by Sponsor during the Entry Period. Potential Winner will be notified, on or after the close of Entry Period and must timely respond in accordance with the terms and deadlines stated in the Official Rules. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Entry Period.

7. Prize Provider(s):

CLOUDNINE CODE s.r.o. ” (only as the “Prize Provider”).

8. Prize Details:

(a) The Grand Prize. Winner will receive the dream Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort holiday (the “Grand Prize”). Any Grand Prize elements not specifically described in this Section 8 may be determined by Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion.
Sponsor may, in its sole and absolute discretion, present Winner with one or more Grand Prize options, from which Winner may choose one. However, Winner is not guaranteed or entitled to have the ability to request or demand any Prize elements that are not specifically stated in this Section 8. (i) Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $ 15,098.00 (USD) (ii) Anticipated Prize Fulfillment Date: TBD by Prize Provider in its sole and absolute discretion (iii) Prize Fulfillment Location: TBD (iv) Any Taxes or Fees Covered: If delivered in the United States (“US”), the Grand Prize will be delivered with applicable US sales tax, shipping fees, and registration fees, paid. If the Winner is a US resident, the Grand Prize will also include an additional cash payment of 25% of the ARV, excluding any cash component of the Grand Prize (as applicable), for Winner to use to pay required US income taxes. In all other countries the Grand Prize will be shipped (net of all taxes) to the nearest deliverable location, at the Winner’s expense. Any applicable import duties, registration costs, or further taxes or duties of any nature due in the destination country will be the responsibility of the Winner.
(b) Cash Alternative. If Winner does not wish to take delivery of the Grand Prize, does not wish to accept one of the Grand Prize options presented by Sponsor (as applicable), or Sponsor determines that it cannot timely deliver the Grand Prize to Winner, for any reason, including without limitation due to legal restrictions, a force majeure event, failure of construction, or any other reason, the Winner may elect to take a cash alternative of $15,000 (USD) (the “Cash lternative”). No additional prizes or compensation of any kind will be provided if the Cash Alternative is awarded.
Winner must advise Sponsor in writing on or before deadline provided in writing from Sponsor, as to Winner’s election. If Winner does not timely notify the Sponsor in writing that Winner is electing to accept the Grand Prize, then Winner shall forfeit the opportunity to elect the Grand Prize, and Winner will automatically receive the Cash Alternative and not the Grand Prize. Winner’s decision between accepting either the Grand Prize or Cash Alternative cannot be changed by Winner for any reason.
Sponsor reserves the right to require Winner to take the Cash Alternative and remove the option of the Grand Prize if the Winner does not wish to accept one of the Grand Prize options presented by Sponsor (as applicable), or the Grand Prize cannot be fully awarded or otherwise delivered to Winner on or before the Anticipated Prize Fulfillment Date(s) stated above, for any reason, including without limitation due to a force majeure event, legal restrictions, supply chain disruptions, Prize supplier cancellation or delays, or failure of construction. Except as explicitly stated, all Prizes are awarded as is, without any representations or warranties, and cannot be transferred, sold, substituted, or redeemed for cash by Winner. Unless noted in the Prize details in this Section
8, Winner is solely responsible for all taxes, costs, and fees associated with Prize receipt, ownership, and/or use. In order to accept the Grand Prize, Winner must accurately complete and timely return all documentation required by Sponsor and/or the Prize Provider.

9. Eligibility and Restrictions:

This is a Grand-Prize Experience (as defined in Section 5 of the Official Rules). Notwithstanding anything in the Official Rules to the contrary, including Section 4(A)(i) of the Official Rules, an individual who has won the grand prize
in any Grand-Prize Experience (as defined in Section 5(A) of the Official Rules) at any time is eligible to win this Experience. Individuals may not win more than one prize within a Secondary Promotion (as defined in Section 5(B) of the Official Rules) in connection with this Experience.
Age to enter: You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
Prohibited Persons. In addition to those prohibited persons identified in Section 4(A) of the Official Rules, any employees, officers, and/or directors of the Designated Grantee(s) of this Experience are not eligible to enter or win
this Experience.
In addition to all of the other requirements stated in these Experience Rules and the Official Rules, if the Potential Winner is a Canadian resident, (s)he must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question to be eligible to
be confirmed the Winner.
Entry is subject to all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited. See the Official Rules for more details. In certain jurisdictions, local rules and laws may restrict or prohibit the award of certain prizes or impose additional restrictions on participation.

10. Winner Confirmation & Verification:

Potential Winners are subject to confirmation and verification by Sponsor per the terms and restrictions stated in the Official Rules. As part of the Winner confirmation and verification process Sponsor may conduct background check(s) on a Potential Winner (and any Guests of Potential Winner) except where legally prohibited. Background checks may occur without any additional notice to Potential Winner and/or prior to awarding the Prize(s), as may be permitted by law. Participation in an Experience constitutes Participant’s authorization to such background checks, without Sponsor
providing additional prior notice or seeking additional authorizations or consents from Potential Winner.

* * *
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