Epicwin360.com is a non-for profit fundraising platform representing a new fundraising model. By buying entrees on epicwin360.com you will get chance not only to win valuable prices but you also to become a charity donor! Epicwin360.com prouds itself being an affiliate of several charitable organisations.

The traditional model of charitable fundraising is being slowly dying. Nonprofits heavily rely expensive galas and marketing in order to get the proper sponsors. We at the epicwin360.com have reinvented this traditional fundraising model by creating a public platform through which everyone older then 18 years of age is eligible to make a charitable donation and thereby support a good thing!

Epicwin360.com has become the main financing option of various nonprofits supporting people in need as well as secluded communities around the world. When you buy an entree to the raffle 60 % of its price is automatically trasfered to the transparent account from which the money transfers are executed according to the contractual obligation between epicwin360.com and a respective nonprofit initiative.

Dream Big!

Make a good thing! Become a member of our charitable initiative and participate on positive changes in lives those who really need it!





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